5% of Sales Serve Our Homeless Shelters in Need

SERVE FIRST is one of our core values.

In fact, we host a Haircuts for the Homeless Event with our partners, Sincerely You Project and Austin Street Center every third Sunday of the month.

Because of the pandemic, we are not able to provide this service, so we are serving in other ways where…

5% of sales on our site will be used to purchase masks and
hand sanitizer for local homeless shelters

We’ve learned from one of our shelter partners, Austin Street Center, that homelessness is a combination of three things happening all at once:

Credit: Austin Street Center 

When you look at this way, homelessness can happen to ANY one of us at any point when the wrong combination of events transpires. During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, it takes ALL of us working together to provide the resources and community that those experiencing homelessness need to heal. While we may not be able to prevent tragedy, we can absolutely help with our love and financial support.

Serving first is what we do and it’s who we are; we’d be honored for you to join us.

Below are the homeless shelter partners we currently support:

The Bridge - 1818 Corsicana St Dallas, TX

The StewPot

  • Direct support: monetary donations can be made by testing STEWPOT to 41444

  • Amazon Wishlist: items may be purchased at http://bit.ly/stewpotwishlist (has all needed items and it will ship directly to The StewPot)

Austin Street Center - 2929 Hickory St Dallas, TX

  • Direct support: monetary donations can be made at  https://www.austinstreet.org/

  • Items accepted for donation:

    • Commercial Freezer

    • Underwear, both men’s and women’s

    • Disposable razors

    • Laundry detergent

    • Over the counter medication (Benadryl, Tylenol, Advil, cough drops, etc.)

    • Non-prescription reading glasses (various strengths available at a pharmacy)

    • Adult coloring books, along with markers, pens, and crayon (this is relaxing entertainment that can maintain social distancing)

    • Gift cards for bingo games - $5-$10 to fast food, 7-Eleven, or Starbucks

Our Calling

  • Direct support: monetary donations may be made at https://www.ourcalling.org/eat/

  • Items accepted for donation:

    • Gently Used Clothing- men and women’s sizes

    • Reading Glasses

  • Volunteers (40 per day needed)

Family Gateway

Salvation Army

  • Direct support: monetary donations may be made at https://www.salvationarmyusa.org/usn/

  • Items accepted for donation:

    • non-perishable food

    • baby supplies

    • hygiene products

    • cleaning and sanitizing items

    • paper products